Self-assess your jurisdiction’s level of observance of Insurance Core Principles (ICPs) and receive immediate results

The Insurance Core Principles (ICPs) provide a globally accepted framework for the supervision of the insurance sector. They were developed by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) with the objective to set a standard that applies to all jurisdictions regardless of the level of development and sophistication of the insurance markets and the type of insurance products or services supervised. For more information about the ICPs you can consult the IAIS website here.

There are three different assessment types at the disposal of jurisdictions that wish to assess their level of observance of ICPS:

  • Self-assessments, on either the full set of ICPs or against specific ICPs, performed by insurance supervisors themselves, sometimes with the assistance of other experts. This self-assessment tool supports such an approach. Self-assessments may be followed by peer review and analysis. This tool is currently available for a subset of the ICPs only and for some of the ICPs they may not be based on the most current ICP.
  • Reviews conducted by third parties.
  • Reviews conducted in the context of the IMF and World Bank Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP).

For more information about ICP assessment methodology, please consult the IAIS website here.

There is a questionnaire available for each ICP. You can access the questionnaire by clicking on the corresponding ICP link below.

Please note that the results will be calculated solely on the basis of your answers without any qualitative review. The results are therefore only high-level and non-binding. The information that you will provide in the self-assessment tool will be treated confidentially.

Select an ICP

  • Powers & Responsibilities
  • Supervisor
  • Information & Confidentiality
  • Licensing
  • Suitability of Persons
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk & Controls
  • Supervisory Review and Reporting
  • Preventive Measures, Corrective Measures and Sanctions
  • Reinsurance
  • Valuation
  • Investment
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Capital Adequacy
  • Intermediaries
  • Conduct of Business - I) Insurers
  • Conduct of Business - II) Intermediairies
  • Public Disclosure
  • Macroprudential Surveillance
  • Supervisory Cooperation and Coordination